Creating a better event experience

Ping is an app that makes event networking easy. I worked with a small team to create the app, and we launched it at a large conference in San Francisco.

The problem

My team's goal was to help people at conferences and meetups target who they want to meet. So, instead of walking into a large event and shaking hands with a bunch of random people, we wanted to allow users to meet people with specific skills or positions.


I created the initial sketches with the group.


We wanted to include 1) easy event check-in, 2) ability to browse profiles of other attendees, 3) filters (i.e., "people who know JavaScipt"), and 4) messaging. After figuring out the general experience, I put the sketches into quick prototyping software.

Low-res prototype

Going high-fidelity

After a lot of iterations, I created a prototype with high-res visual design.

Hi-res prototype

I paired with the iOS developer to implement all of the assets and get everything looking sharp.

Main screens Options
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot


We decided to launch on the App Store and partner with events to test the product.

A lot of conferences create proprietary software to help their attendees network, so we wanted to provide this platform for free to an event to get some feedback.

We partnered with the MIT Technology Review Digital Summit, a roughly 400-person conference in San Francisco. They made on-stage announcements about the app and gave everyone Ping flyers.


We had about 40 attendees join the event on Ping. With the data and feedback that we got, we started the iteration process.

Unfortunately the team had to stop development because of other jobs, but we had a great time.