Reinventing the air purifier

As chief designer at Wynd—a startup building a smart air quality system—I lead all facets of design, from brand identity to product user experience.
Wynd on a desk

Photo by Maku

Wynd is a portable air purifier that senses the air quality and filters the air.

The Wynd Tracker displaying different air qualities

Photos by me

The detachable Wynd Air Quality Tracker shows air quality in real time.

The Wynd app

In designing the app, I wanted to give users actionable insights and the ability to control Wynd remotely.

Traveling with Wynd

Photo by Maku

Wynd at home

Photo by me

The Wynd logo

Since many air purification companies are old-school and utilitarian, I developed a modern, minimalist brand identity to match the newer vibe of the product.

The Wynd website

I created a highly custom website, including a product teardown I made by exporting 3D renders and coding them into a fluid animation.

A Wynd product teardown

Made using Keyshot + HTML/CSS/JavaScript

To match Wynd's mission of cleaning the air, we wanted the packaging to be environmentally friendly. The packages are made of 100% recyclable kraft cardboard and I created line graphics that emphasize Wynd's simplicity.

Wynd packaging Wynd packaging Wynd packaging Wynd packaging

Wynd raised over $600k on Kickstarter and was featured as one of Time Magazine's best inventions of 2016.