Creating the smartest personal air purifier ever

As chief designer at Wynd, I led design on the Wynd purifier—the smartest air purifier for your personal space. Wynd tracks your air quality and creates a bubble of clean air around you. We raised over $600k on Kickstarter, and the product was named one of Time Magazine's best inventions of the year.

We worked with Ideo cofounder Mike Nuttall on Wynd's industrial design. Wynd is really three products in one: a purifier, an air quality tracker, and an app. I designed an LED-friendly color system that communicates air quality, as well as an app that gives in-depth insights into the air around you.

The Wynd app homepage, showing the air quality inside and outside The Wynd app, showing a graph of air quality over time The Wynd app, showing the devices/bluetooth screen

I created Wynd's brand identity (the name, logo, and color scheme). It was important that the brand was light, airy, and clean.

The Wynd logo A Wynd business card

I led the creation of the Wynd website. Built on Shopify, it features 3D renders I created to showcase Wynd's technical features.

Website browser URL bar
White text overlay for Wynd website homepage, showing text that is overlayed over the background video
Website browser URL bar Screenshot of the Wynd website showing a 3D render of the Wynd purifier semi-transparent and showcasing the fluid dynamics
Website browser URL bar
A 3D render of the top of the Wynd purifier The spinning colorful light on the top of the Wynd purifier The text overlayed onto the 3D render of Wynd's top light ring, describing its technical features
Website browser URL bar
A 3D render Wynd with its air quality ensor detached and pulled out of it The text overlayed onto the 3D render of Wynd's detached sensor, describing its technical features

To create a slick unboxing experience, we worked with an amazing package designer to design an elegantly minimal (and recyclable!) suite of packages for Wynd and its accessories. I designed the outer artwork.

Wynd packaging - the purifier and tracker box Wynd packaging - the tracker box Wynd packaging - The Wynd Baby Stroller Holder box Wynd packaging - the Wynd filter box

Wynd has now raised a $10m series A, was featured in the Apple store, and has launched several more air quality products.