Anna Bleker is
a designer in
San Francisco.
Reinventing the air purifier
Creating a better San Francisco weather app
Designing a smart automotive tool
Bringing Salesforce to the next level
Online shopping, gamified.
Designing an agency's website
Painting a legend
Creating a better event experience


Anna Bleker is a designer living in San Francisco. She's consulted for startups of all types—from machine learning to social media. Her most recent fulltime role was leading design at Wynd, a smart hardware startup where she worked with the founders to craft a product and brand. Before Wynd, she worked at Redshift, a design agency where she designed digital products for tech companies big and small. Prior to that, Anna designed college networking apps for Uversity. Her first full-time role was for OSIsoft, a global tech company where she created brand identity for products and events. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010 with a degree in Rhetoric and Writing.